July 3rd - 7th, 2017 Harnack House, Max Planck Society (Berlin,Ger)

Bootcamp I: Absolute beginners bootcamp

This bootcamp is aimed at participants using MaxQuant and Perseus for the first time and who need additional supervised practice and clarifications. The goal is to make sure that all participants are brought to the same level of understanding and can follow at the same pace as more experienced users. During this session the participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions on the exercises from the tutorials. Any exercise steps, parameters and concepts brought up by the participants will be explained in detail.

Note that on the last day of the Summer School a Questions & Answers session is planned, when the remaining and more advanced questions will be addressed.

Bootcamp II: Perseus plug-in programming

This bootcamp introduces users to the programming of customized activities in the Perseus software. It makes use of the plugin architecture of Perseus, which allows integrating self-written components into the computational framework. Any type of activity can be implemented as a plugin, from simple matrix processing activities to complex visualizations. Plugins are written in the C# programming language and follow a simple and straightforward interface structure. The inner workings of plugins are studied by examining several examples of standard Perseus plugins in detail. Furthermore, it will be demonstrated how new plugins are generated within the Visual Studio integrated development environment. Please note that this is an advanced course.

Further information and software requirements can be found on the PluginTutorial GitHub page.